Paul Domenech

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Level 1 Crossfit

2013 Middle Heavy Weight Purple Belt Masters World Champion 

2013 Absolute Silver Medalist IBJJF Masters Worlds 

6-0 MMA Amateur

De La Riva Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jistu

Sept 2012 Northwest Fl Amateur MMA Welterweight Champion

Feb 2012 South Fl Amateur MMA Welterweight Champion

2009 Southeast Naga Blue Belt Champion

As a competitor I am always looking for the edge. Whether it is in running, swimming, biking, boxing, kickboxing, wresting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or doing mixed martial arts. I always trained to make sure I was stronger, faster, and worked harder physically and mentally than my opponent. I thought I had it figured out by running 4 miles, 5 times a week, going to the “gym” lifting weights 4 days a week, and multiple times a day drilling at the dojo. Boy, was I wrong. The first time I step into CrossfitFWB, AKA Militia Fitness, I was promoting a fight. I asked if I could hang a flyer in the gym to spy on this “Box.” people were running out of with medicine balls. At the time I thought… surely I could crush this in the shape I’m in right now. WRONG!! My first day I felt like I had hit the heavy bag or ran 4 miles for the first time, it was intense. I didn’t understand. At the end of the “WOD” I was saying to myself… I can spar for 10 rounds in a row how could I be so out of shape! That is when I knew the workout programming was the really deal. Since I joined in December 2011, I have won 2 FL State Amateur Mixed Martial arts titles, competed in a sprint triathlon on 12 hrs notice coming in 3rd place, and have advance tremendously in my Jiu Jitsu/MMA skills. Being part of Militia Fitness has not only changed my fitness level but my way of life. I eat better, I feel younger, and I’m the strongest I have ever been physically and mentally. The coaches are not only there to tell you what to do they are their to teach you the how’s and why’s of fitness. I’m grateful to be a coach in a gym where the staff and every member inspires me to be the best I can be.  Finding Militia Fitness right here in Fort Walton Beach was a blessing for me and will be for anyone who walks through the doors. So get in and let me motivate you to a better you. Plus if you want I’ll show you some cool moves.