Niko Dela Rosa

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Level 1 CrossFit

I’ve always thought that being healthy and fit was one of the top priorities in life.  So I’ve always been active. What I was really lacking was the strength portion of it all. I figured that doing back and biceps on one day, then chest and triceps on another was the only way to get there. I was definitely wrong about that. Upon finding CrossFit in August of 2011, my whole perception of being fit changed. At first, I hated having to go workout because I thought it as a chore. That slowly turned into an addiction, and that addiction slowly became into a lifestyle and way of life. I finally joined Militia Fitness in May of 2012. And I can say now that it has definitely changed me for the better. I have never been stronger, faster, and healthier than I am now. The whole CrossFit experience is truly amazing because you share it with everyone around you. And having the chance to coach has given me a whole lot more people to share it with. Community is what it’s all about and I’m glad to be a part of it!