Jordon Bowen

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CrossFit Certified Coach/ CrossFit Level 4

CrossFit Football

CrossFit Movement and Mobility

CrossFit Powerlifting

Certified CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer

CrossFit Strong Man

Whole Nine Life Nutrition

Harvey Newton Olympic Lifting

Westside Barbell Specialty Strength Certified

2002 US Ju-Jitsu Federation 153lbs National Champion

I spent seven years as a Special Tactics Pararescueman.  During my time the question of how to stay “fit” was literally a question of life or death.  Being fit has its true test not only on the battlefield but also in every day life.  It can mean the difference between going home to your family and being brought home to your family.  I found the use of CrossFit was unmatched in the world of fitness, I definitely had my doubts though.  In the beginning I would say, “there is no way that jacking steel for 20 minutes a day and not doing “cardio” is going to keep you in shape.”  But when every guy and girl I knew that did CrossFit was getting more fit than me, I started paying attention.  Finally, I got serious about changing my life forever and began doing CrossFit exclusively.  The results were out of control.  Not only did my “strength”, and traditional ”cardio” skyrocket, but also I just felt better about everything.  Since then it has become my life’s passion and I have never looked back.