Damon Rudish

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CrossFit Level 1

Kendrick Farris Olympic Weightlifting

While growing up, I lived a very active lifestyle. I was involved in sports year-round. At the age of 12, I started olympic weight lifting through my middle school football program. I would say that my passion for fitness started at a very young age, and it continued into my early adult years. There came a point in my life when I wasn’t satisfied with my lifestyle. I wasn’t working out to my full potential, and I couldn’t find the motivation to push myself. That’s when I found Crossfit. I googled the closest gym, then scheduled my one-on-one with the coach. Jesse ran me through my first ever CrossFit WOD and I’ve been hooked ever since, but it wasn’t just the workout that got me hooked. I noticed this gym was different. I noticed that this was a community of people working towards a common goal.. Fitness. The people were welcoming, the atmosphere was fun, and the coaches genuinely wanted to help me become a better me. I saw that this was a lifestyle for the people there, not just some fad. I knew that day that I wanted this lifestyle for myself. Today, I’m proud to say that CrossFit is apart of who I am. CrossFit is my lifestyle, and I feel blessed to be able to share that with everyone that I coach.